Natacha Elmir
Barcelona Wedding Photographer

Who I am & What I promise you

I am a Barcelona wedding photographer. My photography approach is to tell your wedding day story in the most natural, authentic and beautiful way possible.  My photography style is documentary (non -posey) with film like texture and fine art undertones. My editing colors can be brighter or darker, personalized depending on what my couples choose.

Every wedding is entirely unique and I am at your service to help you have the best wedding day experience possible. And for every wedding I do, I always vow to commit  all my experience, talent and attention to the service of eternalizing your most precious memories. From the day you choose me as your wedding photographer, I accompany your wedding journey by sharing with you my wedding expertise, vendor recommendations and anything that can help your wedding in Barcelona be the wedding of your dreams without breaking your budget.


Born in March, 1984. Pisces. I don´t know much about Astrology, but I know I feel at home in water and can swim like a fish for hours.

I am Lebanese, Canadian, Spanish, American, Brazilian & French. I have lived in all these places long enough that part of them has become part of me.

I love languages and I am fluent in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.
My second photographer is fluent in Italian and Catalan as well.

Based in Barcelona, I also cover shoots around Europe and in Lebanon, where I revisit my roots and recharge my spirit.

The most important thing in my life is family and friends. Therefore those emotional moments between family and close friends are what cry out to me the most during a wedding.

Speaking of crying, I confess that I have cried in every wedding ceremony thus far. And so a good brand of waterproof mascara is very important to me :)

My work in a nutshell focuses on capturing those fleeting points in time, big or small, that make up the meaning of life. And a wedding day carries a lifetime range of all kinds of moments, and I take the mission seriously not to leave anything out.

For a free consultation or to ask me anything, get in touch with me through Whatsapp or using my contact form and I will get back to you in less than 24 hours :)

Why work with Me

My photography service begins with our first free consultation. I understand that you may not have done this before, yet I have...more than 100 times. I can help guide you into discovering the best photography coverage which we customize to suit your vision, needs and budget. I can also help you think through your wedding day timeline to make sure we cover everything while not stealing you away from your wedding party.

If you are organizing your wedding from outside of Barcelona, we can have a video call and I will be happy to help answer any questions related to Spain, the logistics of your trip here and ofcourse your wedding.

On the wedding day, my responsibility as the photographer is to capture your story, your day, with everyone and everything you love about it. The moments you have lived and those which you have missed.

´Making also visible what would otherwise never have been noticed´in all its glory, chaos, joy, sadness, awe, confusion, celebration and love love love, to its smallest details.

A wedding day story much like a film, is a journey, with many textures, layers and parts. It can only be complete if someone behind the camera is experienced, attuned and trained to feel, anticipate and capture that kind of detail.

I know I am. And I love doing it.

I would like to invite you to chat with me over coffee (or tea), in person or virtually, as we discuss your vision for your story and get to know whether I could be a good fit for you.


On a practical level, I am not only an expert on wedding photography, but weddings as well. As such, I can help by offering you some resources and references that can guide you in some areas that you might be unsure about.

As for my education, I began with a degree in Philosophy and Acting.
I later specialized in photography and completed a Postgrad in Fine Art photography in one of the best Photography schools in Spain.

I would say that my wedding photography style has a story telling approach. I also like to bring in a cinematic and film aesthetic to my editing process.

On a technical note, I am trained to harness natural light as well as create artificial lighting when required, according to the needs of each project, event and venue.

Get in touch with me through Whatsapp or using my contact form and I will get back to you in less than 24 hours :)

Enough about me, I want to hear about YOU!

You can reach me through the contact form or email or Whatsapp at +34 600803661. I usually reply before the next 24 hours. I look forward to speaking with you, Natacha.

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