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10 must have wedding shots

So when wedding planner Anna Winward from Just Married Barcelona  interviewed me asking what were some of the most important wedding shots that a couple must have from their wedding day, I got inspired to write and publish this blog on the subject which I hope you will find useful. I hope you enjoy.

To me, wedding photography is a very
delicate art form which not all photographers can execute well. A good wedding photographer
is indeed a special breed. It goes beyond having a trained eye. It is someone
who understands family, family dynamics, intimacy and the many different facets
of love. It is a sensitive spirit who not only seeks to capture the
extraordinary (as that most often takes care of itself) but can capture the nuances.
That discrete smile which tells an entire story in its subtle curve. I work hard and aim to be that kind of photographer. And over the years I have
accumulated a list of shots that I believe are essential in telling a wedding story.

From that list here are 10 must have wedding shots according to my experience
as a wedding photographer.

1- The Getting Ready Shot

It might seem like an extra thing to have, but those “getting ready” moments
where the bride or groom are surrounded by their closest people, helping them stay calm and making
sure they look and feel their best…those moments are filled with so much tenderness,
stress, tension and adrenaline, not unlike an actor before the curtain call.

What deeply touches me in some of these photographs, is witnessing the mother dressing the bride, and imagining while the moment
unfolds, that the last time that happened
was probably when she was dressing her daughter to go to school. So much
history layered in that one shot.

2- The First Look

Whether the first look happens
in front of the guests or in private before the ceremony, it is a once in a
lifetime moment. I love it when the couple make the time to have the first look in private, so
that it can all really sink in. It is an experience that
never fails to be magical. Alone, in the private regard of each other, it is as
if for that first instance, they are strangers again meeting for the first
time, yet madly in love. It is difficult to describe and I hope my images can
speak for themselves.

3-The Give Away

I have photographed weddings where this moment has
gone to be imperceptible because it was done in a kind of mechanical and matter
of fact way. But in the weddings where the ritual is felt a little more poeticly,
the give away is one of the most heart tugging moments. The father is
symbolically giving away his daughter to her chosen new family. Eventhough nowadays it is merely
ritualistic, the emotional power of that moment is often overwhelming.  

4- Complicity During The Ceremony

They whisper to each other
with their glances, exchanging smiles, laughter, tears and many times quiet
intense gazes that declare volumes of love.


This exalting moment needs no explanation

6- Congratulations

After the kiss, the family and friends roar with applause, throwing flowers and
running to hug and congratulate the couple. These are intimate spontaneous and
very brief moments where the close and dear express their joy to the bride and
groom. Sometimes with the tightest hug, strongest high five slap, uncontrollable
tears, loud praises of love, quiet sqeeze of the hand…the moments that flash
before my lens are as unpredictable as they are rich.

7-Family Portraits

Yes, believe it or not, those formal family and friends shots are
indespensible. They are the pure documentation that says: we were there that
day, celebrating with you, and this is what we were like.

Of all the beautiful images couples receive and share with their families and friends, these
are most of the main ones that end up in the wallets, and on the walls, desks, desktops, etc.

8- The Celebration

How can you translate into images what an
atmosphere felt like? This part is done with a collection of images, some
blurry, some sharp, some with movement, some dead still, of details, of the feast,
of inside jokes, of goofing around, of everything that says we made it and now
let´s kick back and enjoy the ride.

9- First Dance
The extraordinary speaks
for itself.

10- The Couple.

A final great portrait of the newlyweds immersed in the love, joy and
celebration that surrounds them.

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Thank you for reading,

Natacha Elmir

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